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46. William MILLS was born on 5 Nov 1775 in St Martin's Canterbury. (66) He died on 26 May 1855 in St Martin's Canterbury. (67) William's age at death is given as 82, which is at odds with his 'birth ' date. However I have used a baptism date throughout this tree as a birth date, the reason being that only in rare circumstances is one able to actually find a date of birth as opposed to a date of baptism. Where I have found a date of birth I have entered it as such and made a separate entry for the baptism. William may well have been up to 2 years old at Baptism. All information on the MILLS family is graded as questionable, not of the quality of the info which is first grade, but because I am not sure that the root MILLS person (Mary) is correct. Her baptism has not been proved. He was married to Elizabeth BIRCH on 19 Oct 1799 in St Mildred's Canterbury.(68)

47. Elizabeth BIRCH was born on 4 May 1777 in St Martin's Canterbury. (69) She died on 13 Nov 1854 in St Martin's Canterbury. (70) As with all MILLS information, I have graded this as Questionable. I have not proved that the Mary MILLS baptised in 1799 at St Mildred's is the same Mary MILLS who subsequently married Thomas Makey, and at this stage in 2004 it seems unlikely that I ever will. Children were:

child23 i. Mary MILLS.

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