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574. William RANDALL was born on 1 May 1672 in Shipley, Sussex.(360) He was married to Anne CHARMAN on 31 Aug 1701 in Slinfold Sussex. (361)

575. Anne CHARMAN was born about 1680 in Slinfold Sussex.(362) There are 2 Anne Charman's listed in the IGI, both born in Slinfold, one in 1677 and the other in 1683. This needs further investigaton before deciding which is which Children were:

child287 i. Jane RANDALL.
child ii. William RANDALL was born on 19 Jun 1705 in Itchingfield Sussex. (363)
child iii. Anne RANDALL was born on 12 Apr 1710 in Horsham Sussex. (364)

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