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78. Thomas VOICE was born on 6 Apr 1761 in Billingshurst.(99) He was married to Mary CHALCROFT on 23 Nov 1786 in Chiddingfold Surrey. (100) The witnesses to the marriage were William and Sarah ATTRIDE.

79. Mary CHALCROFT was born on 12 Mar 1768 in Chiddingfold Surrey. (101) There is a problem with Mary's birth as there is no record of it in the register. However, there are 2 entries for a female Mary, one in 1768 and the other in 1771. I have taken the earlier one of the two, which would make Mary 18 or so at marriage, rather than the later one which makes her only 15. There is no dispute that Thomas did marry a Mary Chalcroft. Children were:

child i. Thomas VOICE was born in 1787 in Billingshurst. (102)
child ii. Belah VOICE was born in 1788 in Billingshurst. (103)
child39 iii. Anne VOICE.
child iv. Elizabeth VOICE was born on 3 Apr 1794 in Billingshurst. (104)
child v. Mary VOICE was born on 14 Jul 1799 in Billingshurst. (105)
child vi. James VOICE was born about 1800 in Billingshurst. (106)
child vii. Elizabeth VOICE was born about 1804 in Billingshurst. (107)

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