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638. John TRIBE was born on 29 Dec 1675 in Wisborough Green, Sussex.(384) He was buried on 14 Oct 1710 in Wisborough Green, Sussex.(184) If this burial date is correct - and there may have been 2 people named John Tribe in the village at the time,- then Elizabeth is born posthumously. He was married to Ann BUTLER on 14 Jul 1710 in Wisborough Green, Sussex. (385) There is a marriage recorded in the Wisborough Green marriages for a John TRIBE and a Jane DANIEL on 4 June 1705. I wonder if this is the same John Tribe, and Jane unfortunately died? The marriage to Ann Butler does not happen until 1710 when John is 39, which seems rather late for a first marriage. However I have found no evidence of Jane's death prior to 1710.

639. Ann BUTLER was born on 6 Jan 1684 in Wisborough Green, Sussex.(386) Children were:

child319 i. Elizabeth TRIBE.
child ii. John TRIBE was born on 15 May 1714 in Wisborough Green, Sussex. (387)
child iii. William TRIBE was born on 27 Dec 1715 in Wisborough Green, Sussex. (388)
child iv. Mary TRIBE was born on 23 Jun 1720 in Wisborough Green, Sussex. (389)
child v. Thomas TRIBE was born on 4 Apr 1722 in Wisborough Green, Sussex. (390)
child vi. Christopher TRIBE was born on 26 Aug 1724 in Wisborough Green, Sussex. (391)

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