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260. William DUMBRELL was born about 1642 in Portslade Sussex.(222) He died on 24 Jun 1682 in Newick Sussex. (223) In 1673 William was elected to be Churchwarden of Ringmer. In the same year the overseer's rate assesses him for 'his land rated at £3 p.a. in Norlington Borgh Ringmer' and he pays 1s 6d ( that is 6d in £ ) and 'marks' the overseer's return as Churchwarden with an inverted W with the 2 strokes of the central stem overlapping - he must have signed it upside down!. In 1676 the rental of copyhold land in the Manor of Ringmer shows that he owned a cottage and 2 acres of land in Norlington borgh which has been identified as the property later called Mount Farm. Apparently it stood some distance from the township of Ringmer and was a fairly poor property which makes his election to be Churchwarden rather puzzling as he was a new resident to the town and obviously from a poorer socio-economic group. However, we hear from him lastly in 1680 when the Sussex Record Society Vol 6 page 60 notes that he stood surety for the Marriage Licence of John CURTEIS and Frances FOORD of Heathfield and Hurstmonceaux.. I am much indebted to Mr Graham Johnson of Sussex for allowing me to use this information researched by him. He was married to Anne COLEMAN on 13 Nov 1670 in Chailey Sussex.(224)

261. Anne COLEMAN was born about 1645 in Unknown.(225) Children were:

child130 i. William DUMBRELL.
child ii. Thomas DUMBRELL was born on 19 May 1672 in Ringmer Sussex. (226) She died on 15 Jun 1748 in Nuthurst, Sussex. (227)
child iii. Abraham DUMBRELL was born on 14 Jul 1678 in Ringmer Sussex. (228) He died on 25 Feb 1709 in Hurstpierpoint Sussex. (229)

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