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1040. Richard DUMBRELL was born about 1564 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (408) He died on 29 Jun 1648 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (409) In 1584 Richard held a cottage with garden estimated at 16 acres called "Moores" ( alias Ansty) lying near Ansty Cross in Cuckfield, lately known as Standers. On 9 May 1584 Richard acquires a one half share in this property with his father John, who had previously held it 'in moiety' with one Robert Standon. Perhaps he came into the property after his 21st birthday? From 1597 to 1612 he was a Juror at Cuckfield Manor Court. 28 March 1603 the property known as Hanty - a messuage and virgate of land in Wivelsfield-was transferred to him on the death of his father John. In 1604 he sat as a Juror in Cuckfield and also in Keymer. October 10 1609 he was elected Churchwarden at Wivelsfield- where he said at the meeting " Our Churchyard is in default, but whoe is to repaye it we cannot surely tell"14 days later he and Edmund Attree - also Churchwarden- were admonished to the repair of the Churchyard fence. In 1612 he was granted a Licence to cart away 3 cartloads of straw from his native land for which he paid a fine of 12d.July 25 1616 Richard surrenders the property known as Ansty at Cuckfield and on 30 September 1617 is one of those responsible for repairs to Northwortleford Bridge. October 23 1634 he is a signatory to the enclosure of Valebridge and St John's commons.He also held lands in Portslade valued at £43./3/-. The last time he was present at Portslade Manor Court as Juror was September 5th 1641, but he was also a Juror in Houndean and Keymer Courts until 1642. He was married to Mary RIDGE about 1597 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (410) The marriage to Mary RIDGE appears to have been his first. He married a Margaret Virgoe on 31 August 1637, obviously after the death of Mary. There do not appear to have been any children resulting from this marriage.

1041. Mary RIDGE was born about 1570 in Unknown. (411) Children were:

child i. Mary DUMBRELL was born in 1598 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (412) She died on 3 Apr 1639 in Ardingly Sussex. (413)
child ii. John DUMBRELL was born in 1599 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (414) He died before 1656 in Unknown. (415)
child iii. Richard DUMBRELL was born on 9 Nov 1600 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (416) He died on 22 Nov 1600 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (417)
child iv. Elizabeth DUMBRELL was born on 6 Dec 1601 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (418)
child v. Richard DUMBRELL was born on 8 Mar 1604 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (419) He died on 5 Nov 1657 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (420)
child520 vi. Francis DUMBRELL.
child vii. Susan DUMBRELL was born on 7 Dec 1606 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (421) She died on 24 May 1608 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (422)
child viii. Anne DUMBRELL was born on 4 Jun 1609 in Wivelsfield Sussex. (423)

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