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2496. John VOICE was born on 28 Feb 1578 in Horsham Sussex.(184) He died on 5 May 1628 in Horsham Sussex. (184) He was married to Marie LEA on 14 Apr 1608 in East Grinstead Sussex.(184)

2497. Marie LEA was born on 29 Jun 1580 in East Grinstead Sussex. (184) Children were:

child i. Elizabeth VOICE was born on 13 Mar 1608 in Horsham Sussex. (184)
child ii. Jane VOICE was born on 12 Mar 1610 in Horsham Sussex. (184)
child iii. Annis (Anne) VOICE was born on 2 Feb 1612 in Horsham Sussex. (184)
child1248 iv. John VOICE.
child v. William VOICE was born on 25 Mar 1618 in Horsham Sussex. (184)
child vi. Margaret VOICE was born on 13 Dec 1621 in Horsham Sussex. (184)

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