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39936. John VOYCE was born about 1435 in Horsham Sussex.(592) He died before 1514 in Horsham Sussex.(545) According to his son Richard's Will John is already dead, as Richard leaves money for the comfort of his 'moder' and also disposes of the property where his mother is living to his wife. John was apparently the plaintiff in fines for lands and tenements in 1480/1 and 1481/2 in Horsham. From the Public Record Office. On 13 October 1472 there was an agreement between John Yerdeley a priest, John Voice and Robert Hurst with William Anstey, glover, for the repayment in seven annual instalments of a debt of £7 owed to them ( Yerdeley, Voice and Hurst) by Anstey.
At this time the family name of VOICE is being written as FOYS and there is interchange of the two names over the next 100 years or so. He was married to Alice UNKNOWN about 1460 in Horsham Sussex.(593)

39937. Alice UNKNOWN was born about 1440 in Horsham Sussex.(594) She died after 1514 in Horsham Sussex.(595) In Richard's Will he refers to a property in which his 'moder' is still living, and also ensures that money will be provided against her needs. Children were:

child19968 i. Richard VOYCE.

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