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1416. Nicholas DYLNATT was born on 13 Jan 1600 in Lydden Kent.(471) He died in 1667 in Lydden Kent.(472) He was married to Elizabeth KNATCHBOLE on 22 Oct 1627 in Lydden Kent. (473) Nicholas was in fact married twice. Elizabeth Knatchbole was his first wife and the mother of the John Dillnott who died in 1702 at Sutton. She herself died on 12th October 1633 when little John was not even a year old. Nicholas remarried on 26th November 1635 to Ann Hart but nothing is as yet known of any issue they may have had.

1417. Elizabeth KNATCHBOLE was born about 1600 in Unknown. She died on 12 Oct 1633 in Ringwould Kent. Children were:

child i. Anne DYLNATT was born on 14 Dec 1628 in Ringwould Kent.
child ii. Nicholas DYLNATT was born on 31 Oct 1630 in Ringwould Kent.
child708 iii. John DILNUT/DILLNOT.

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