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22656. John DYLNOTT died in 1501 in Sellinge Kent. (37) He signed a will on 8 Jun 1501 in Sellinge Kent.(37) In the name of god amen,8th day of the month of June in the year one thousand five hundred and first and in the 16th year of the reign of Henry 7th after the conquest, I JJohn Dylnott of Selling next Monks Horton of sound and healthy memory compose my testament and my last will in this manner, first I leave my soul to Almighty God and to the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints in Heaven and my body to be buried in the parish church of Selling aforesaid. Item I leave to the high altar there on account of my neglected tithes 20 pence, Item, I leave for each of the lights in the said church 8 pence, Item, I leave to each of my godsons and goddaughters 4 pence, Item, I leave to buy new vestments in the said church 13 shillings 4 pence. The rest of all my real goods not otherwise bequeathed I give and leave at the disposition of Thomas Dylnott, William Dylnott and John Dylnott whom I ordaine and constitute to be executors of this my last will and testament. ( The above translated from the Latin) This is the last will of me John Dillnott made the daye and yeare aforesaid. First I will that Thomas Dylnott and William Dylnott my sonnes shall have all my londs and tenements in the parrishe of Selling aforesaid to them their heirs and assignes for ever also I will that the said Thomas and William shall have ij acres of mede called Fordmede lying in the parrishe of Smethe to them their heirs and their assignes for ever. Also I will that John Dylnott my sonne shall have all my lands and tenements lying in the parrishe of Smethe aforesaid except the ij acres of mede aforerehersed to have to hym to his heirs and assignes for ever, and if it happen any of them to sell his parte before rehersed then I will that it shall be sold betwixt them before any other man. Also I will that my said sonnes Thomas Dylnott, William Dylnott and John Dylnott shall kepe Isabell my wyfe during her lyfe mete drinke and clothe at ther proper costys and charges and also I will that the said Thomas, William and John shal kepe John Dylnott the sonne of Roger Dylnott to the terme and ende of xvj yere next aftre my decesse at their propre costes and charges and after that xvj yeres to paye to hym xl s if he be then lyving or else the said xl s to remayne and abyde in the handes of the said Thomas, William and John to their owne use. Also I will that my executors shall fynde for me at ,my burying v prestes and at my monthyes day iiij prestes and so during the space of x yere next aftre my decesse and ij bushells of whete and ij bushells of malte to be doone yerelye in the said parrishe of Selling. Also I will that eche one of my feffers shall have for their labour xij d Also I will that my said executours shal bye to the buriells of me and my wife iiij crosses of stone. Theise being witnesse Sir Thomas Palmer, vicar of the same parrishe, John Knightsby, Alexander Goldefinche, John Wave and other.
Probatii xix octobr Iur testm prstapt commissque est ado exbi. He was born c1430 in Sellinge Kent.(37) He was married to Isobel UNKNOWN before 1450.(591)

22657. Isobel UNKNOWN died after 1501. She was born Unknown. Children were:

child i. John DYLNOTT was born about 1450 in Sellinge Kent.
child ii. Thomas DYLNOTT was born about 1460 in Sellinge Kent.
child11328 iii. William DYLNOTT.

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