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64. Richard HOAD was born on 2 Dec 1718 in Rudgwick Sussex.(71) He died on 11 Jan 1771 in Rudgwick Sussex.(72) He was buried on 15 Jan 1771 in Rudgwick Sussex. (73) He was a Bricklayer at marriage in 1762 in Rudgwick Sussex. (16) There has been recent communication with Malcolm Francis of Rudgwick to the effect that he has discovered Richard's grave. It lies by the side of the path up to the Church and commemorates not only Richard but also his son Thomas and the wife of Thomas, Elizabeth and their son William who died as a child. He has promised to get a photograph for inclusion in this database, promise made in March of 2002. As you can see, the promise was made good, and the photo of Richard's grave is now in the scrapbook. I am very grateful indeed to Mr Francis. He was married to Mary DUMBRELL on 10 Feb 1751 in Rudgwick Sussex.(74)

65. Mary DUMBRELL was born on 1 Nov 1720 in West Grinstead, Sussex.(75) She was buried on 14 Jan 1762 in Rudgwick Sussex.(76) The Memorial inscription for Mary reads:-
In memory of Mary, wife of Richard HOAD who died February ye 10 1762, aged 41 years./ Also in memory of William the son of Richard and Mary HOAD who died March ye 25th 1759, aged three years Children were:

child32 i. Thomas HOAD.
child ii. John HOAD was born on 3 Mar 1754 in Rudgwick Sussex. (77)
child iii. William HOAD was born on 21 Mar 1756 in Rudgwick Sussex. (78) He was buried on 27 Mar 1759 in Rudgwick Sussex. (79) See the memorial inscription for William's mother Mary for his MI
child iv. Richard HOAD was born on 25 Nov 1759 in Rudgwick Sussex. (80) He died on 18 Feb 1831 in Rudgwick Sussex. (81)

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