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70. George LANAWAY was born on 14 Sep 1750 in Rudgwick Sussex.(87) He was baptized on 23 Sep 1750 in Rudgwick Sussex. (88) He was buried on 9 Oct 1785 in Rudgwick Sussex. (16) He was married to Mary SMART on 4 Apr 1775 in Rudgwick Sussex. (89) Witness to the marriage were John Bridger and James Stenning and the Banns were read on 19th and 26th of March and the 2nd April 1775.

71. Mary SMART was born on 22 Jan 1752 in Wisborough Green, Sussex. (90) Children were:

child i. George LANAWAY was born on 8 Nov 1778 in Rudgwick Sussex. (91)
child35 ii. Elizabeth LANAWAY.
child iii. Leah LANAWAY was born on 16 Mar 1783 in Rudgwick Sussex. (92)
child iv. James LANAWAY was born on 2 Apr 1786 in Rudgwick Sussex. (93)

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