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16. Thomas HOAD was born on 24 Feb 1782 in Rudgwick Sussex.(21) He died on 9 Jan 1865 in Rudgwick Sussex.(22) Land Tax documents show that Thomas owned and occupied both Moses Place ( later Pallinghurst, now the Rikkyo School) and also Hobbs from a Mrs Honeywood, the latter being situated off the Lynwick Road, and now the site of the claypit!. On both these properties he paid £2 tax, which estimates approx 30 acres, and he continued to occupy them until at least 1830
He is described in the Parish Registers as 'A Farmer'. He was married to Leah LANAWAY on 26 Oct 1830 in Rudgwick Sussex. The marriage to Leah Lanaway is Thomas's second marriage. His first, to Ann Phillpott, ocurred on January 25th 1814 when he was 32 yrs old, and produced the following children:-Ann 4th Dec 1814: Ruth 7th April 1816: Hester 1st June 1817: Charlotte 14th Feb 1819: Thomas 15th October 1820: Susanna 22nd Dec 1821: George 27th May 1825: Arthur 22nd July 1827: and finally Benjamin 19th July 1829. As can be seen the largest gap between births of her children was the three and a half years between Susanna in Dec 1821 and George in May of 1825, therefore it is not surprising that Ann herself was buried on July 18th 1829, the day before little Benjamin's baptism. His marriage to Leah ocurred on 29th October 1830, a mere 18 months after Ann's death, and produced four more children, namely Leah in 1831, Sarah in 1834, Edward in 1838 and finally Guni in 1842.. There is a William Hoad recorded as being buried at 1 year old in 1843, it is possible that this little one may have been the last of Thomas's children, but the register does not make it clear whose child he was.

17. Leah LANAWAY was born on 15 Apr 1803 in Rudgwick Sussex. (23) She died on 8 Sep 1873 in Rudgwick Sussex. (24) Leah's burial entry reads 'from Bucks Green' same as Thomas' Children were:

child i. Leah HOAD was born on 30 Oct 1831 in Rudgwick Sussex. (25) In 1881 they were living at 5 Hollingbury Road, Preston Brighton.where they were employed as Cook/Domestic Servant and Domestic Servant/Coachman respectively. There were no children given as living with them. However, there is a discrepancy in the ages, Leah was definitely 50 at that time but her age is given as 46.
child ii. Sarah HOAD was born on 20 Apr 1834 in Rudgwick Sussex. (26) In 1881, Sarah and Joseph are living in Chiddingfold at Mill Lane where Joseph is still a bricklayer, I wonder if he originally worked for Sarah's father. They have living with them their 2 daughters Ellen then 13 and Louisa 12. Joseph is considerbaly younger than Sarah, in 1881 she is 45 but he is only 37, which may explain why there are only the 2 children.
child iii. Edward HOAD was born on 22 Jul 1838 in Rudgwick Sussex. (27) He died on 27 Mar 1858 in Rudgwick Sussex. (28) Edward's burial entry states that he was 'from Duke's Farm'.
child8 iv. Guni HOAD.

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