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1120. John LANAWAY was buried on 24 Sep 1684 in Rudgwick Sussex.(424) He was born Unknown in Unknown.(425) A John Lanaway signed the Parish Register as Church Warden in 1668, and it is most probably this John Lanaway if the dates are taken into account. This means that he must have been well respected and literate. He was married to Elizabeth UNKNOWN about 1648 in Rudgwick Sussex.(426)

1121. Elizabeth UNKNOWN was born about 1620 in Rudgwick Sussex. (427) She was buried on 14 Mar 1683 in Rudgwick Sussex.(428) Children were:

child i. Susan LANAWAY was born on 12 Jun 1649 in Rudgwick Sussex. (429) She was baptized on 12 Jun 1649 in Rudgwick Sussex.
child560 ii. John LANAWAY.
child iii. Annis LANAWAY was buried on 8 Feb 1654 in Rudgwick Sussex. (430) She was born ?? February 1654 in Rudgwick Sussex. (431)
child iv. Elizabeth LANAWAY was baptized on 20 Mar 1654 in Rudgwick Sussex. She was born on 20 Mar 1655 in Rudgwick Sussex.(432)
child v. Simon LANAWAY was born on 13 Aug 1657 in Rudgwick Sussex. (433) He was buried on 16 Jul 1738 in Rudgwick Sussex. (434)
child vi. Katherine LANAWAY was born on 31 Oct 1660 in Rudgwick Sussex. (435)
child vii. Sarah LANAWAY was born on 29 Sep 1664 in Rudgwick Sussex. (436)

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