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32. Thomas HOAD was born on 14 Jan 1752 in Rudgwick Sussex.(38) He was baptized on 26 Jan 1752 in Rudgwick Sussex. (39) He died on 13 Jun 1843 in Rudgwick Sussex. (40)
This is Thomas' Will :-

This is the last Will and Testament of me, Thomas Hoad of Rudgwick in
the County of Sussex.After all my just debts, Funeral expenses and the
expense of proving this my last Will and Testament shall have been fully
paid satisfied and discharged I bequeath and devise unto my Executors
hereinafter named all my Estates whether real or personal in trust for the
purposes hereinafter mentioned. I direct that they (my Executors) do
make sale sell and dispose of all my Estates Furniture and that the
proceeds of such sale Monies and all other property of which I may die
possessed be equally divided share and share alike between the following
persons viz my son-in-law Edward Jenkins, my grandson Levi
(undecipherable), Mary the wife of William Baker,Martha the widow of
James Day,Thomas Hoad, Hannah the wife of Edmund Sparkes,
Charlotte wife of Edward Burchall, Richard Hoad, Sarah wife of James
Byrne, Ruth widow of Henry Puttock and Sarah Hoad the daughter of my
late son William Hoad, the said respective shares to be paid by my
Executors within twelve months after my decease. And I do hereby
nominate constitute and appoint my friends Thomas Elliott of
Thornshill(?) and John Hemming of Loxwood Executors and
Administrators of this my last Will and Testament and that they do
reimburse themselves for all expenses incurred by them in the execution
of this my last Will and Testament, neither shall they be answerable for
any sum or sums of money but shall be actually paid into their hands
neither shall the one be answerable for the Debts Costs or Actions of the
other. And I do hereby revoke and make void any former Will or Wills by
me at any time made and do declare this my last Will and Testament. In
Witness whereof I have hereunder set my hand this Fifth day of June, One
thousand eight hundred and forty three -. Signed, published and declared
by the abovenamed Thomas Hoad the Testator as and for his last Will
and Testament in the presence of us who have at his request and in his
presence and in the presence of each other subscribed our Names as
Witnesses the day and year above written.
John Edmunds
John Tate. Thomas Hoad.

This will was proved on 3rd Day August 1843 before Rev J T Hodgson,
Effects sworn under £200. According to the 1785 Land Tax Thomas owned and occupied Motts, which was an old 'enclosed' property taken off Tisman's Common, situated along Loxwood Road and about 200 yds from the Riddens Cottages. Tisman's Common was enclosed through the Enclosures Act in the latter half of the 18th Century.The 1802 and 1803 lists also show that he occupied "West Rudge"( unknown) a holding of about 30 acres. There was a short time afer this when he occupied Motts under another owner, but continued to own it after 1820. Perhaps he had raised capital by mortgaging the property, but he must soon have redeemed it. By 1820 he is being referred to as Thomas Hoad Senior.. He moved to Rudgwick Sreet (now Church Street) sometime between 1820 and 1828 although he still owned Motts in 1828 and 1830 but apparently did not occupy it.. He was appointed Churchwarden for the 5 years 1802 - 1806 inclusive so he must have been active in Parish affairs and well respected. He next appears in the 1841 census at age 90, when he is described as a bricklayer and at that time he owns 5 cottages, including the house Two Wells, which was part of the Tithe Schedule, these properties being in what is now called Church Street. However, by the time the 1840 Tithe Schedule was finalised, he had died, and his executors are shown as owners, with one of the properties being occupied by another Thomas Hoad, most probably the son who went on to marry Anne Phillpott first and then Leah Lanaway, becoming Guni's father.
The house Two Wells features in a book and video which has been produced by the Rudgwick Preservation Society as one of the 100 timber frame houses which have survived in Rudgwick. The cottages have unforunately disappeared without trace, a fate which befell a lot of the older buildings, no more than hovels really, in the latter half of the 19th century.

His memorial and that of his wife Elizabeth are recorded on the reverse side of the headstone of his father Richard, and also commemorates the death of his son William. Thomas and Elizabeth died in 1843 and 1835 respectively, so the inscribing of their Memorial Inscriptions some 60 and 70 years after Richard's death shows a close relationship. One wonders if they are all buried in the same plot? He was married to Elizabeth SLATER on 25 Jan 1776 in Rudgwick Sussex. Witness to the marriage were William Agate and James Stenning

33. Elizabeth SLATER was born on 25 Feb 1753 in Pulborough Sussex. She died on 22 Nov 1835 in Rudgwick Sussex. (41) There is a one year discrepancy between Elizabeth's baptism date of 1753 and her age at death in 1835 of 81. If the date of baptism is correct and her age at death is correct then she should have been 82, as she had celebrated her birthday for that year.However I think this is an acceptable error, her family may not have known her exact age as often happened with those who were illiterate. According to the entry in the Burial register she was " of Rudgwick Street". Children were:

child i. Elizabeth HOAD was born on 11 Feb 1777 in Rudgwick Sussex. (42)
child ii. Mary HOAD was born on 13 Sep 1778 in Rudgwick Sussex. (43)
child iii. Martha HOAD was born on 7 May 1780 in Rudgwick Sussex. (44)
child16 iv. Thomas HOAD.
child v. William HOAD was born on 21 Sep 1783 in Rudgwick Sussex. (45) He died on 11 May 1814 in Rudgwick Sussex. (46) William's burial entry says ' of Lambeth' presumably London?
child vi. Hannah HOAD was born on 8 Jan 1786 in Rudgwick Sussex. (47)
child vii. Charlotte HOAD was born on 16 Dec 1787 in Rudgwick Sussex. (48)
child viii. Ann HOAD was born on 13 Dec 1789 in Rudgwick Sussex. (49)
child ix. Richard HOAD was born on 11 Dec 1791 in Rudgwick Sussex. (50) He died on 27 Apr 1870 in Rudgwick Sussex. (51)
child x. James HOAD was born on 20 Oct 1793 in Rudgwick Sussex. (52) He died on 11 Sep 1820 in Rudgwick Sussex. (53)
child xi. Sarah HOAD was born on 25 Oct 1795 in Rudgwick Sussex. (54)
child xii. Ruth HOAD was born on 15 Jan 1797 in Rudgwick Sussex. (55)

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