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20. Valentine WOOD was born on 10 Jan 1787 in Eastwell Kent. He was baptized on 11 Feb 1787 in Eastwell Kent. Also living with Valentine and his wife at the time of the 1851 Census were a small grandaughter Sarah Elizabeth aged 10, and a grandson James aged 7, possibly the children of the daughter Sarah who was also in the house on the night.. Unfortunately Sarah's married name is not given, always providing that she WAS married. Little Sarah is also shown on the 1841 Census at 3 months of age when the family were living in Stone (?) Street. He was married to Elizabeth WATERS on 28 Dec 1816 in Petham Kent.(29) The marriage took place at Petham, and the marriage entry states that Elizabeth is 'of Waltham'. The witnesses were Henry Gambrill and John Harnbrook, officiating minister Edward Gregory. They both sign with a mark.

21. Elizabeth WATERS was born on 7 Apr 1799 in Waltham Kent.(30) Children were:

child i. Sarah WOOD was born about 1820 in Waltham Kent.(31)
child ii. Sophia WOOD was born in 1826 in Petham Kent. (32)
child10 iii. William WOOD.
child iv. Ann WOOD was born in 1831 in Petham Kent.(33)
child v. George WOOD was born in 1833 in Petham Kent. (34)
child vi. Jane WOOD was born about 1836 in Petham Kent. (31)
child vii. James WOOD was born about 1838 in Petham Kent. (31)
child viii. Henry WOOD was born about 1841 in Petham Kent. (31)

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