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2. Charles PALMER (2) was born on 12 May 1905 in Exning Suffolk. (3) Look in Scrapbook for Charles birth certificate. He died on 27 Mar 1984 in Exning.(4) Charlie's ashes were scattered on the Newmarket July Racecourse in line with the winning post. Charles was a good athlete and soccer player in his youth , I understand that when he was about 19 years old he walked and hitch-hiked from Newmarket to Leicester City for a trial, he was asked to come back again the following week-end but he could not get time off from work and was not prepared to risk losing his job.
He worked in the thoroughbred breeding industry almost all his life and was associated with some very famous horses. Grey Soveriegn who was a leading sire in Europe for about 14 years and the great Nearco who was unbeaten as a racehore and had a world wide influence on thoroughbred bloodlines ..The night Nogara gave birth to Nearco, Charles was in attendance and the colt had a very difficult birth and arrived in this world not breathing,it was entirely due to his efforts that this great horse survived.
Incidently Grey Soveriegn was by the great sire Nasrullah whose father was the above mentioned Nearco. Charles retired from his position as stud-groom in 1970 after suffering from the first of several heart attacks. True to form he died sitting in his favourite arm chair after having watched the Grand National on his TV set.
Charlie was raised for a number of years by his Uncle Seth Goult in Exning who was a Gamekeeper, possibly between ages 6 to 12 years and he was an expert at catching wild animals dead or alive, as his son I can vouch for this as I have been with him when he has caught Rabbits,Hares,Foxes,Badgers,Pheasants,Pigeons and Moles with various devices such as jaw traps, snares and caterpults. He used to cure the skins and sell them, Fox and Mole skins were much sort after and were the highest priced. He was married to Anne MORTLOCK on 26 Dec 1929 in Exning. (5)

3. Anne MORTLOCK was born on 15 Aug 1906 in Hundon Suffolk. (6) Annes place of birth was in a farm cottage at Mount Pleasant in the village of Hundon. Anne started her first job at age 12 years as a kitchen maid for Lady Beddington in her large house on the Bury Road .This position was obtained for her by Arthur, her oldest brother,who was at that time working as under footman in the same household. She worked for the Beddington family for several years in various household positions, before moving up the ladder to become ladies maid to Mrs Sherwin at St Gaitans House, which was opposite the old railway station in Newmarket. Anne met Charles, who later became her husband ,while he was delivering the laundry to this household, he at that time was working for the Exning Laundry. After they were married they rented rooms in the Red House on the Exning Road where their first child Arthur was born in 1930, followed by Marie Rose in 1931 and, Joyce in 1937 , both at Endsleigh Terrace on the road to Exning and finally Peter in 1944 at Duchess Drive , Newmarket. .At the time of writing, in April of 2002, Anne is still alive, hale and hearty at the age of 95 and living at Soham nr Ely in Cambridgeshire, close to her daughter Marie. Children were:

child1 i. Arthur Charles PALMER.
child ii. Marie Rose PALMER was born on 31 Oct 1931 in Newmarket.
child iii. Joyce PALMER was born on 3 Feb 1937 in Newmarket.
child iv. Peter PALMER was born in Jun 1944 in Newmarket.

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