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112. Henry MANSFIELD (206) was born on 3 Dec 1733 in West Wratting Cambridgeshire.(127) He died on 7 May 1780 in Barnadiston.(290)
He was married to Lettice ALBON on 26 Oct 1771 in Castle Camps Cambs. (127)

113. Lettice ALBON was born in 1734 in Cambs ?. She died on 22 Apr 1820 in Barnadiston.(291) When reading the Barnadiston Parish Registers, the following was found inscribed by the Rector incumbent in 1740


The Subject of this Parish History is cheifly this:- That men are born and die. Shew, if you can, another history, so clearly true, so void of flattery, if only to point out stronger our mortality
November 22nd 1740. William Sharpe, Rector.
Children were:

child56 i. John MANSFIELD.
child ii. Mary MANSFIELD was born on 13 Mar 1774 in Barnadiston. (206)
child iii. Richard MANSFIELD was born on 16 Jul 1776 in Barnadiston. (292) He died on 2 Jul 1834 in Barnadiston. (293)
child iv. Thomas MANSFIELD was born on 9 Jan 1780 in Barnadiston. (294)

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