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28. Henry MANSFIELD was born on 17 Feb 1809 in Barnadiston Suffolk.(115) He died on 2 May 1884 in Barnadiston Suffolk. (116) He was a Farm Labourer..(18) The family lived at Common Road, Barnadiston according to the 1881 Census He was married to Mary CORNWELL on 1 Mar 1832 in Little Wratting Suffolk. (106)

29. Mary CORNWELL was born on 17 Nov 1811 in Little Wratting Suffolk. She died on 11 Apr 1881 in Barnadiston Suffolk. Children were:

child i. Thomas MANSFIELD was born on 7 Feb 1833 in Barnadiston Suffolk. (117) He was a Labourer.(18) By 1881, Thomas and his wife Anne were living at James Lane, Leytonstow, but there are no children recorded as living with them.
child ii. Debora MANSFIELD was born on 28 Dec 1834 in Barnadiston Suffolk.
child iii. James MANSFIELD was born on 26 Feb 1837 in Barnadiston Suffolk. (118) He was a Farm Labourer.(18) James was living at home at Common Street, Clare on the 1881 Census., whether with his wife or not is not recorded.
child iv. Elizabeth MANSFIELD was born in 1838.
child v. Harriet MANSFIELD was born on 16 Jun 1839 in Barnadiston Suffolk.
child vi. John MANSFIELD was born on 12 Jun 1842 in Barnadiston Suffolk. (119) He was a Carman.(18) By 1881, John was living at Forest Cottage, Leytonstow., with his wife Ellen.
child14 vii. Samuel MANSFIELD.
child viii. William MANSFIELD was born on 24 Dec 1848 in Barnadiston Suffolk. He died on 9 Aug 1872.
child ix. George MANSFIELD was born on 9 May 1852 in Barnadiston Suffolk.
child x. Eliza MANSFIELD was born on 13 Jul 1856 in Barnadiston Suffolk.

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