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16. Peter PALMER was born in 1808 in Denham Suffolk. He died on 16 May 1874 in Barrow. (55) He was married to Mary MOSS on 12 Oct 1833 in Gazeley.. (56)

17. Mary MOSS was born in 1810 in Gazeley Suffolk ?. She died on 31 Mar 1864 in Barrow Suffolk. Children were:

child i. George PALMER was born in 1834 in Barrow Suffolk.
child ii. Benjamin PALMER(57) was born in 1836 in Barrow Suffolk.(58) He was a Gas Fitter (Gas Works).(59) By 1881 he had moved to 23 Garsdale Road Camberwell Surrey, and had been promoted to Gas Fitter. He was the father of seven children, all except for the first son George were born in Peckham, and it is interesting that they were all returned to Barrow for their christenings. His home ties must have been very strong. It would appear that his first wife Emily (Talbot) may have died some time after the baptism of Peter in 1870 as the 1881 Census records his wife as being Louisa, aged 48 and born in Suffolk, This strongly suggests that Louisa may be the mother of the last two children, Mary born 1873 and Samuel born 1875.
child iii. William PALMER was born in 1838 in Barrow Suffolk. He died in 1839 in Barrow Suffolk.
child8 iv. John PALMER.
child v. Eliza PALMER was born in 1843 in Barrow Suffolk.
child vi. William PALMER(60) was born in 1846 in Barrow Suffolk.(61) He was a Horse Groom. (62) Living with family at The Green, Barrow in 1881
child vii. Peter PALMER(63) was born in 1849 in Barrow Suffolk.(64) He was a General Labourer.(65) At this time Peter was living with his family at 14 York Street,St Margarets Westminster,London.
child viii. Maria PALMER was born in 1850 in Barrow Suffolk.

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