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50. Thomas TAYLOR was born on 20 Apr 1777 in Hundon.(167) He was a Farm Labourer on 12 Feb 1800 in Hundon. (168) He died on 3 Mar 1843 in Hundon. (169) He was married to Sophia MANSFIELD on 12 Feb 1805 in Hundon. (170) Sophia Mansfield was Thomas Taylors second wife. The register gives his status as 'Widower" on the occasion of his marriage to Sophia, but at this time, his first wife is unknown.

51. Sophia MANSFIELD was born in 1785 in Barnadiston. (171) She died on 1 Nov 1871 in Hundon. (172) Children were:

child i. Absalom TAYLOR was born on 8 Dec 1805 in Hundon.(173) He died on 9 Jun 1806 in Hundon.(174)
child25 ii. Elizabeth TAYLOR.
child iii. John TAYLOR was born on 22 Mar 1812 in Hundon. (175) He died on 18 Jul 1894 in Hundon. (176)
child iv. George TAYLOR was born on 21 Feb 1814 in Hundon. (177) He died in Dec 1897 in Hundon. (178)
child v. Hetty TAYLOR was born on 1 Oct 1816 in Hundon.(179) She died on 5 Feb 1830 in Hundon.(180)
child vi. Charlotte TAYLOR was born on 28 Feb 1819 in Hundon. (181)
child vii. Mary TAYLOR was born on 20 Jan 1822 in Hundon. (182)
child viii. Sarah Matilda TAYLOR was born on 27 Nov 1825 in Hundon. (183)

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