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122. Thomas HURRELL was born about 1750 in Suffolk. (312) He died on 18 May 1815 in Hundon. (313) He was married to Rose HALLS on 11 Aug 1772 in Hundon.(314) (315)

123. Rose HALLS was born about 1751 in Suffolk.(316) She died on 14 Jan 1794 in Hundon.(317) Children were:

child53 i. Mary (Molly) HURRELL.
child ii. Bett HURRELL was born on 6 Feb 1775 in Hundon. (318)
child61 iii. Ann HURRELL.
child iv. John HURRELL was born about 1780 in Hundon. (319)
child v. Sarah HURRELL was born about 1782 in Hundon.(320)
child vi. Joseph HURRELL was born about 1785 in Hundon. (321)
child vii. Henry HURRELL was born on 6 Apr 1787 in Hundon. (322)

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