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4. Alfred George PALMER was born on 9 Aug 1865 in Gazeley Suffolk.(7) Look in Scrapbook for Alfred's birth certificate He was a Footman in 1881 in London.(8) He was an Ag Lab between 1891 and 1901 in Exning.(9) He died in 1932 in Exning Suffolk.(10) He was buried in 1932 in Exning.(11) Alfred is buried in Exning Road Cemetary with his wife Annie. In 1881 Alfred was living at 45 The Lawn, South Lambeth Road, Lambeth London, in the house of a Mr Otway, where he was a footman By 1891 he had moved back to Newmarket, accompanied by his parents, and was living in the home of a Seth Gould , Newmarket Road Moulton. This Seth Gould was married to Alfred's sister Sarah Anne. Also living at that address were his mother and father John and Harriet, when John describes himself as 'working on his own account' ..In 1901 according to the census he was living with his mother and father in Exning and he was a labourer. Alfred is also believed to have a conviction for manslaughter, which occured during a fight in one of the public houses in Exning. Details are as yet unknown, but the time frame is thought to be circa 1910. He was married to Annie Marie MENDHAM on 26 Dec 1901 in Exning Suffolk.(12) Alfred George Palmer was Annie Marie's second husband . Look in Scrapbook for Marriage Certificate.

5. Annie Marie MENDHAM was born on 21 Sep 1875 in Tuddenham Suffolk.(13) Look in Scrapbook for Annie's birth certificate. She died in 1943 in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. (13)(14) Annie suffered with breast cancer for several years before she died . She was buried in 1943 in Exning.(15) Annie is buried in the Exning Road Cemetary with her husband Alfred. She . She was living with her parents at The Broads, Burwell at the time of the 1881 Census, but I remember her best when she lived at Lacey's Lane, Exning, next door to Mrs Bateman, her very great friend. They used to take in laundry together to make some extra money and they would look after anybody's kids who seemed in need of love and care. She died when I was only 13 and I remember being taken to see her in Bury St Edmund's hospital during her last illness, propped up on big pillows and bolsters, obviously without the strength to hold herself upright. She was much loved by everyone, and would go without herself if she thought someone else was in need, and as a result she probably never had two pennies to rub together in her whole life. One of my happiest early memories is of running to the local sweet shop, owned by a relative of hers named Mr Eareth, with a penny, or maybe if we were lucky two pennies, to buy sweets. She always had a smile and a hug for everybody and my sister Joyce reminds me very much of her, a small, dumpy little woman with a huge heart.
Children were:

child i. Harriett {Aggie} PALMER was born on 9 Sep 1902 in Exning Suffolk.
child ii. Alfred John PALMER was born on 11 Sep 1903 in Exning Suffolk.
child2 iii. Charles PALMER.
child iv. Elsie Sarah Ann PALMER was born on 26 Nov 1909 in Exning Suffolk. (16) She died on 7 Jan 1959 in Streatham London. (17)
child v. Rose PALMER was born on 16 Apr 1915 in Exning Suffolk.

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