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66. Thomas PALMER (223) was born on 25 May 1755 in Denham Suffolk. (127) He died on 31 Oct 1784 in Denham. (224) Thomas was buried as a pauper, just one month after the death of his youngest son, John. . He was married to Mary WILLINGHAM on 14 Dec 1776 in Denham.(127)

67. Mary WILLINGHAM was born on 7 Dec 1755 in Great Welnetham.(127) She died on 20 Sep 1833 in Denham.(225) Children were:

child i. Rhoda Willingham PALMER was born on 8 Sep 1776 in Denham. (226) Rhoda was born out of wedlock.
child ii. Elizabeth PALMER was born on 27 Feb 1778 in Denham Suffolk. (227)
child33 iii. Mary PALMER.
child iv. William PALMER was born on 6 Jan 1782 in Denham Suffolk. (228) He died on 21 Aug 1810 in Denham. (229)
child v. John PALMER(230) was born on 18 Jul 1784 in Denham Suffolk. He died on 19 Sep 1784 in Denham. (231) He was publicly baptized and buried as a Pauper.

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