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56. John MANSFIELD was born on 26 Jan 1772 in Barnadiston Suffolk. (201) He died on 23 Apr 1836 in Barnadiston Suffolk. (202) He was married to Martha CHAPMAN on 30 Oct 1798 in Barnadiston Suffolk.(203)

57. Martha CHAPMAN was born on 26 Feb 1775 in Barnadiston Suffolk. She died on 8 Dec 1853 in Barnadiston Suffolk. On the 1851 census, Martha was living with her son Henry and his wife Mary and their children in Barnadiston, aged 76. Children were:

child i. Elizabeth MANSFIELD was born on 22 Mar 1801 in Barnadiston. (204) She died on 16 Feb 1817 in Barnadiston. (205)
child ii. Harriet MANSFIELD was born on 17 Sep 1803 in Barnadiston Suffolk. (206) She died on 5 Nov 1838 in Barnadiston. (207)
child28 iii. Henry MANSFIELD.

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