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88. Abraham ERITH was born on 24 May 1741 in Exning Suffolk. He was married to Mary PITCHES on 11 Oct 1770 in Exning Suffolk.

89. Mary PITCHES was born on 23 Aug 1747 in Exning Suffolk. (255) She died on 4 Jan 1832 in Exning. (256) Children were:

child i. John ERITH was born on 23 Feb 1772 in Exning.(127) He died in 1773 in Exning.
child ii. John ERITH was born on 1 May 1774 in Exning. (127)
child iii. Thomas ERITH was born on 15 Sep 1776 in Exning. (127) He died in 1777 in Exning.
child44 iv. Thomas ERITH.
child v. Robert ERITH was born on 1 Oct 1780 in Exning.(127) He died on 30 Jan 1854 in Exning.(257)

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