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18. Benjamin MOSS was born about 1805 in Gazeley Suffolk.(66) He died on 4 Mar 1877 in Gazeley.(67) He was a Farm Labourer.(66) In the 1861 Census he was living with his family at Millway, Gazeley.The marriage was registered in the Newmarket Registration District in the Dec 1/4 of 1837, Vol 14 page 183. He was married to Eliza PLUMB on 8 Nov 1837 in Gazeley Suffolk. (68) This was Eliza's second marriage after her first husband Samuel Dorling died in 1836.

19. Eliza PLUMB was born about 1812 in Gazeley. (66) She died on 8 May 1884 in Gazeley. (69) She was a Nurse S.M.S. (18) Eliza was actually a mid-wife, no doubt this is the reason why her daughter Harriett returned to Gazeley from Shoreditch to give birth to her son Alfred George Palmer. By 1881 she was living on her own as head of her own household in Gazeley. Children were:

child i. John MOSS was born in 1839 in Gazeley Suffolk.(70) He was a Domestic Gardener.(18) Living with his family at 16 Low Milward Street, Woolwich, Kent at the time of the 1881 Census.
child ii. Alfred MOSS was born in 1840 in Gazeley Suffolk. (70) He died on 4 Jan 1856 in Gazeley. (71)
child iii. Charles MOSS was born in 1842 in Gazeley..(66) He died on 16 Oct 1887 in Gazeley.(72) He was a Farm Labourer.(66) In 1861 he was living with his parents at Millway, Gazeley
child9 iv. Harriett MOSS.
child v. Isaac MOSS was born in 1846 in Gazeley Suffolk.(70) He died on 4 Mar 1891 in Gazeley.(73) He was a Farm Labourer.(18) Living with his family at Mill Road, Gazeley in the 1881 Census.
child vi. Sarah Ann MOSS was born in 1850 in Gazeley.. (66) Living at Millway, Gazeley at the time of the 1861 Census.

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