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70. Robert PALMER was born about 1735 in Dalham Suffolk.(127) He was married to Susannah CHINERY in 1758 in Dalham Suffolk.(127)

71. Susannah CHINERY (232) was born in 1736 in Dalham Suffolk. (127) She died on 30 Sep 1829 in Hawstead Suffolk. (233) Susannahs father was the village Blacksmith and they lived in a house ajoining the forge,which was next door to the Afleck Arms, the village public house even to this day. Children were:

child i. Robert PALMER was born on 30 Sep 1759 in Dalham Suffolk. (127) He died in 1816 in Cheveley.(234)
child ii. Susannah PALMER was born on 10 May 1761 in Dalham Suffolk.
child35 iii. Mary PALMER.
child iv. John PALMER was born on 27 Apr 1766 in Dalham Suffolk. (127) He died in 1802 in Burwell Suffolk. (235)

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