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22. Thomas MAKEY was born on 10 Apr 1797 in Nonnington Kent.(35) He died on 15 May 1875 in Nonnington Kent. In 1871 Thomas was described as a pauper, and was living with his daughter Mary Ann and her husband William Wood in Nonnington. He was married to Mary MILLS on 4 Apr 1824 in Nonnington Kent. (35) Mary Mills was of Thanington at the time of her marriage, which took place by Banns. The witnesses were a John Tumber or Turnber and Sarah Makey.

23. Mary MILLS was born on 10 Nov 1799 in St Mildred's Canterbury. (36)(37) She died on 13 Aug 1839 in Nonnington Kent. Mary has proved very difficult to research. The only clue as to her birthplace is the remark 'Of Thanington' in her marriage entry. There is no record of her baptism in Thanington.. After several years trying I finally used the services of Gillian Rickard to help track her down, and this baptism at St Mildred's seems the most likely. It is a bare half mile from Thanington, but it should be remembered that the remark 'of Thanington' may simply mean that she was only living there AT THE TIME and may not be of there at all. Until the real Mary MILLS stands up to be counted I have 'adopted' this one as being the most likely candidate. Children were:

child i. John MAKEY was born on 19 Dec 1824 in Nonnington Kent.
child11 ii. Mary Ann MAKEY.
child iii. Henry MAKEY was born on 18 Mar 1830 in Nonnington Kent.
child iv. John MAKEY was born about 1831 in Nonnington Kent.
child v. Sarah MAKEY was born on 25 Feb 1832 in Nonnington Kent.
child vi. Eliza MAKEY was born on 6 Dec 1835 in Nonnington Kent.
child vii. Thomas MAKEY was born on 29 May 1838 in Nonnington Kent. He died on 14 Jun 1838 in Nonnington Kent.

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