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178. James BURVILLE was born in 1700 in Sibertswold Kent.(203) He died on 9 Jan 1742 in Sibertswold Kent. (204) He was married to Katherine HENEKER on 22 Jan 1722 in Nonnington Kent.(205) Elizabeth was the eldest daughter, and there are apparently another daughter Katherine, and also 3 sons. Katherine and Elizabeth were baptised in Nonington and the three sons in Shepherdswell. At this stage I have not sighted verification of any of these baptisms

179. Katherine HENEKER was born on 26 Dec 1695 in Nonnington Kent.(206) She died on 25 Jun 1771 in Sibertswold Kent.(207) Sibertswold, also known as Sibertswell, was known as Shepherdswell at some stage before the railway came to the area, round about 1860 - 1870. The exact date is unknown to me, and the names appear to be interchangeable, so I have used whatever name appears to have been in use at the time the information was written. Children were:

child89 i. Elizabeth BURVEL.
child ii. Katherine BURVILLE was born on 25 Jul 1725 in Nonnington Kent.

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