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88. Valentine MAKEY was born on 10 Apr 1726 in Goodnestone next Sandwich Kent. (35) He died on 3 Sep 1804 in Nonnington Kent. He was married to Elizabeth BURVEL on 23 Oct 1749 in Barfrestone Kent. (35)

89. Elizabeth BURVEL was born in 1723 in Nonnington Kent. She died on 27 Apr 1798 in Nonnington Kent.(120) Children were:

child i. Richard MAKEY was born on 5 Aug 1750 in Barfrestone Kent.
child44 ii. William MAKEY.
child iii. Mary MAKEY was born on 15 Sep 1754 in Kingston Kent.
child iv. Sarah MAKEY was born on 17 Jul 1757 in Kingston Kent.

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