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74. Thomas OVERINGTON was born on 27 Apr 1740 in Oakwood, Surrey. Thomas was actually born at Bramley, but baptised in Oakwood, and it is this event which is recorded here. He was buried on 3 Jan 1792 in Oakwood, Surrey.(94) He was married to Elizabeth SPOONER on 6 Mar 1764 in Abinger Surrey. (95) There is an entry on the IGI for the birth of a Thomas SPOONER son of Elizabeth SPOONER who was baptised on 5th February 1764 at Oakwood. The marriage to Thomas OVERINGTON took place on 6 March 1764, and it seems very likely that this child is indeed Thomas Overington's.
The marriage was after Banns, and the witness was Thomas Overington Senior

75. Elizabeth SPOONER was born about 1743. lizabeth is always described as being 'of Abinger' but there is no record of her in the Abinger registers. Children were:

child i. William OVERINGTON was born on 10 Aug 1766 in Oakwood, Surrey.
child ii. Elizabeth OVERINGTON was born on 29 Jan 1769 in Oakwood, Surrey.
child iii. Charlotte OVERINGTON was born on 11 Feb 1787 in Oakwood, Surrey. (96) She died on 11 Sep 1791 in Oakwood, Surrey. (97)
child iv. John OVERINGTON was born on 7 Apr 1771 in Oakwood, Surrey.
child v. Stepn (sic) OVERINGTON was born on 12 Sep 1773 in Oakwood, Surrey.
child37 vi. Sarah OVERINGTON.

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