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36. William \HILL was born about 1775 in Unknown. (57) He was married to Sarah OVERINGTON on 16 Sep 1802 in Ewhurst, Surrey.(58)

37. Sarah OVERINGTON was born on 29 Sep 1782 in Oakwood, Surrey.(59) Sarah, according to the Parish Register. was actually born at Ockley There is an entry on the Registers for Ewhurst for the Baptism of a daughter, Charlotte, of a Sarah OVERINGTON on 22 August 1802. This is just about 1 month prior to the marriage with William Hill, but no mention is made of a putative father for the child. However I can find no record of another Sarah OVERINGTON in the immediate district who would have been of childbearing age at the time, so have assumed that this child is a base-born child of Sarah and William. Children were:

child18 i. William HILL.

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