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18. William HILL was born on 23 Sep 1804 in Oakwood, Surrey. William may indeed have been born in Ewhurst, as he states in various censuses, but after several years searching the author finally tracked his baptism down in Oakwood, and it is that event which is recorded here. He was an Ag Lab in 1881. (19) According to the 1881 Census, William was then aged 77, and gives his birthplace as Kirdford. He was a lodger with a Richard Belchen and his wife Harriett and they were living in the Plaistow Schoolhouse, in Plaistow next Kirdford. He decribes himself as a widower. He died Unknown. He was married to Jane AVENELL on 9 Oct 1830 in Hascombe, Surrey.

19. Jane AVENELL was born on 22 Jul 1810 in Dunsfold, Surrey. Jane proved very difficult to find as her name was entered on the IGI as AVEWELL.. However, the members of the Surrey mailing list advised me that it was more probably AVENELL and once this was discovered I found her birth with no further problems. She died on 27 Nov 1872 in Kirdford Sussex. Children were:

child i. Elizabeth HILL was born on 6 Nov 1831 in Kirdford Sussex.
child ii. Louisa HILL was born on 16 Feb 1834 in Kirdford Sussex.
child iii. Emma HILL was born on 7 Feb 1836 in Kirdford Sussex.
child iv. Sarah HILL was born on 22 Apr 1838 in Kirdford Sussex.
child9 v. Mary HILL.
child vi. Jane HILL was born on 2 Jun 1844 in Kirdford Sussex.
child vii. Charles HILL was born on 14 Feb 1847 in Kirdford Sussex.

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