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38. Thomas AVENELL was born on 5 Jun 1785 in Dunsfold, Surrey. He appeared on the census in 1851. By this time, Anne is dead and Thomas is found living with his son William at Hambledon, now 70 years of age. He was married to Anne VOICE on 14 May 1809 in Wisborough Green, Sussex.(60) There is a gap in the family from 1810 to 1816, but in 1818 there were two children, Thomas and Sara baptised on the same day.. It appears as though these two children may have been born during these years, or at least one of them.

39. Anne VOICE was born on 9 Oct 1791 in Billingshurst.(61) There were 2 Ann VOICEs born in Sussex in 1791, one in Wisborough Green, and one in Billingshurst.The problem arose as to which one of these 2 had married Thomas AVENELL. As Thomas's wife died at the early age of 34, before the 1841 Census, it was necessary to ascertain the birthplace of the other one, who had become Ann SMITHERS. I finally tracked her down on the 1851 Census, still living in Wisborough Green but now a widow and living with her brother Samson. Fortunately the enumerator had recorded her birthplace correctly, as Wisborough Green, so it had to be the Billingshurst one who had married Thomas. She died on 27 Apr 1825 in Dunsfold, Surrey. The entry on the transcription is for Aveling, as are the entries for the children born between 1818 and 1823. However these children are clearly identified as being sons or daughters of Thomas and Anne, and there are no other entries for the name in the complete register. I feel sure that this is a transcription error. Children were:

child19 i. Jane AVENELL.
child ii. William AVENELL was born on 13 May 1816 in Dunsfold, Surrey. He appeared on the census in 1851. Most of this information regarding William was gleaned from the 1851 Census. Thomas, his father is living with the family at that time, now aged 70
child iii. Thomas AVENELL was born on 17 May 1818 in Dunsfold, Surrey. Thomas and his sister Sara were both baptised on the same day in 1818 Their surname was given as AVELING but the correct parents were ascribed to them, I don't think there is much doubt that they are the children of Thomas and Anne, but the next three children are also given the surname AVELING.
child iv. Sara AVENELL was born on 17 May 1818 in Dunsfold, Surrey. Sara and her brother Thomas were both baptised on the same day in 1818
child v. Ann AVENELL was born on 1 Jan 1820 in Dunsfold, Surrey. Ann is given the surname AVELING in the register, but ascribed to the correct parents.
child vi. Hannah AVENELL was born on 6 Jan 1822 in Dunsfold, Surrey. Hannah is baptised as Hannah AVELING, the daughter of Thomas and Ann
child vii. Henry AVENELL was born on 12 Oct 1823 in Dunsfold, Surrey. Henry is baptised as Henry AVELING, the son of Thomas and Ann

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