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636. Thomas GRAVETT was born on 1 Jul 1681 in Cranleigh Surrey. (378) He died on 26 Sep 1741 in Cranleigh Surrey. (379) He was a Yeoman.(380) Thomas is described as a 'farmer of Gaston' in the register page recording his son Thomas' birth in 1712. However the family seem to have lived most if not all of their lives in Cranleigh. The father of this Thomas however was born circa 1650 in Gaston, although this is not yet confirmed from any register. Perhaps they owned property in Gaston but lived away from there. He was married to Mary JARRETT on 30 Dec 1710 in Guildford Surrey.(381) Thomas born 1712 appears to be their only child.

637. Mary JARRETT was born on 3 Apr 1688 in Rudgwick Sussex. (382) She died in 1745 in Thurston. (383) Children were:

child318 i. Thomas GRAVETT.

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