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1272. Thomas GRAVETT was born in 1650 in Gaston Surrey.(454) There are 2 Thomas Gravetts mentioned in the IGI, this one from Gaston and another from Findon in Sussex. However, as Thomas seems to have married a girl from Surrey and settled down in Cranleigh to raise his family, it seems more likely that theis one from Gaston is MY Thomas.
He is variously described as either a Yeoman or a Farmer in the Cranleigh Register. In fact at one point the word Yeoman is scratched out and the word Farmer substituted. Either way the family seem to have been either land owners or the tenant farmers, with the property descending from father to son. He died on 4 Aug 1708 in Cranleigh Surrey.(455) He was a Farmer. (453) He was married to Sarah GADD on 10 Feb 1680 in Cranleigh Surrey. (456) Both are stated in the register to have been 'of this parish'. No witnesses recorded

1273. Sarah GADD was born on 2 Apr 1657 in Cranleigh Surrey.(457) She was baptized on 18 May 1657 in Cranleigh Surrey.(458) She died on 27 Jun 1720 in Cranleigh Surrey.(459) Children were:

child636 i. Thomas GRAVETT.
child ii. Sarah GRAVETT was born in May 1684 in Cranleigh Surrey. (460)
child iii. Elizabeth GRAVETT was born on 17 Mar 1686 in Cranleigh Surrey. (461)
child iv. Ann GRAVETT was born in Jun 1689 in Cranleigh Surrey. (462)
child v. William GRAVETT was born in Oct 1691 in Cranleigh Surrey. (463)
child vi. Mary GRAVETT was born in 1693 in Cranleigh Surrey. (464)
child vii. John GRAVETT was born in 1697 in Cranleigh Surrey. (465)
child viii. Margaret GRAVETT was born on 2 Dec 1698 in Cranleigh Surrey. (466) She was buried on 23 Apr 1700 in Cranleigh Surrey. (467)

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