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2544. Ralph GRAVETT was born on 5 Jul 1618 in Chiddingfold Surrey. (508) There are at least 4 variants of the name GRAVETT quoted in the Chiddingfold register. These are GRIVET - GRAVATT - GREVATT-and GREVERT He died in Dec 1682 in Dunsfold, Surrey.(509) He was buried on 20 Dec 1682 in Dunsfold, Surrey. (510) He was married to Elizabeth CHALCROFT on 3 Feb 1640 in Chiddingfold Surrey.(511)

2545. Elizabeth CHALCROFT was born about 1620 in Unknown. (512) She died in Dec 1698 in Cranleigh Surrey. (513) She was buried on 20 Dec 1698 in Dunsfold, Surrey. (514) Children were:

child i. Ralph GRAVETT was born on 16 Feb 1641 in Chiddingfold Surrey. (515)
child ii. William GRAVETT was born on 19 Nov 1643 in Chiddingfold Surrey. (516)
child1272 iii. Thomas GRAVETT.
child iv. Elizabeth GRAVETT was born on 25 Mar 1654 in Dunsfold, Surrey. (517)

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