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5088. William GRAVETT was born in 1565 in Easebourne Sussex.(539) He died on 17 Feb 1626 in Chiddingfold Surrey. (29) William is known as William The Younger. He apparently had quite an adventurous streak, as he married no fewer than 4 times. Firstly to Ann PENYCOD of Felpham. West Sussex on 17 June 1590, for which marriage I have found no children. In 1595 he married Elizabeth SHEPHEARD which resulted in the birth of a son William in 1597. Perhaps Elizabeth died in childbirth as he then married Mary BRIDGER ( born 1565 in Lodsworth) on 13 September 1598 in Easebourne. which resulted in the births of Elizabeth in 1598, George in 1600, John in 1602, Jone in 1604 and Mark in 1607. I have not as yet found Mary's death, but on 24 November of 1618 he then marries Margaret MARKS who became the mother of Ralph on 5 June 1618, when William himself is aged 53. He was married to Margaret MARKS on 24 Nov 1617 in Chiddingfold Surrey.(540)

5089. Margaret MARKS was born about 1595 in Chiddingfold Surrey.(541) Children were:

child2544 i. Ralph GRAVETT.

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