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128. Richard HOAD was born in 1683 in Rudgwick Sussex.(128) (129) Richard was not baptised until 1705 at the age of 22 years He died on 8 Mar 1761 in Rudgwick Sussex. (130) The Memorial Inscription for Richard reads:-
In memory of Richard Hoad senior, who died March ye 8th 1761 aged 77. It is inscribed on the reverse side of the stone which records the memorial inscription for his brother John. He was buried on 12 Mar 1761 in Rudgwick Sussex. (131) He was baptized July 15th 1705 at 22 years of age in Rudgwick Sussex.(132) Richard features in the Sussex Electoral Poll of 1734, which was taken on Thursday and Friday the 9th and 10th May respectively. His Freehold Parish is given as Horsham, whether that means that he owned freehold property there is not sure, but he must have owned freehold property somewhere in order to be eligible. His residential Parish is shown as Rudgwick
I believe he is also the Richard HOAD who features in a memorandum of mortgage matters regarding a property called Five Oaks, which is part of the Okehurst Estate at Billinghurst. The reference numbers for these papers, which are in the archives of the West Sussex Record Office, are MSS/16,095 - 199 - 200 - 204 and 205. and they relate to his raising the sums of £50 and £60 at different times.. Richard had apparently owned the title deeds to the property since at least 1736. He was married to Sarah HILL on 9 Jun 1709 in Rudgwick Sussex.(133)

129. Sarah HILL was born about 1680 in Rudgwick Sussex. (134) She was buried on 13 Jan 1748 in Rudgwick Sussex. (135) Children were:

child i. John HOAD was born on 22 Aug 1716 in Rudgwick Sussex. (136) He (or she) was buried on 30 Mar 1771 in Rudgwick Sussex. (137) From Sussex Masters and their Apprentices. There is an entry as follows:- HOAD John, son of Richard HOAD of Rudgwick Sussex, to Stephen Cave of Warnham. Mercer. Common Indenture 7yrs £20 dated 26 June 1730, duty paid 10 August 1730
This Indenture must have taken place very close to the death of John's grandmother Bridget Hoad.. Other grandchildren are mentioned in her Will, but not this one, and I wonder if perhaps this Indenture, costing £20 - quite a sum for those days- could have been her legacy, taken in advance? Having been baptised in 1716, we must assume that he was about 14/15 at the time, and it seems that he lived the rest of his life at Warnham.
child64 ii. Richard HOAD.

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