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2832. Oliver DYLNAT/DELNET was born about 1545 in Sellinge Kent.(527) He signed a will on 5 May 1606 in Temple Ewell Kent. (528) In the Name of God Amen, the vth day of Maye in the yeare of Our Lord 1608: I Oliver Dillnett of the parrishe of Ewell beeing weake in bodye but of goode and perfecte memorye, God be praysed therefore, doe make this my laste will and testament in manner and fowrme followeing: first I give and beequeathe my sowle to Allmightie God my Maker and Redeemer, and my bodye to bee buryed in the churchyarde of Ewell aforesaid where yt shall bee thought meete by my executors and other of my friends. As towching my house and lande beelonging to the same, I give yt to my wyfe dureing her naturall lyffe, and after my wives decesse my will is the my soonne John shall have my howse and lande to him and his heires for ever but yf yt shall happen my soonne John to dye withowt heirs my will is that my soonne Jeames shall have my said howse and lande as aforesaid, provided that my soonne John paye to my soonne Nicholas £5 within two yeares after my wives decease, and yf yt shall happen that John depart this lyfe beefore my soonne Nicholas bee paid his £5 my will is that my soonne Jeames shall paye my soonne Nicholas the £5 as above said.Item, yt is my will that my soonne John shall have the cubborde that stands in the hall; Item, I give to my soonne Nicholas a bras pott; Item, I give to my soonne Jeames the cheste that was mine when I was a servaunte. Item, I give to me soonne Jeames £5 to bee paid him imediatelt after my wives decease: £3 in the hands of John Starkey of Deale and xl s in the handes of Robert Abitt dwelling in the parrishe of hearne, provided that it is my will that my children shall challendge none of thease things that I have given them till after my wives decease; all the reste of my goods, my debts, legayces and funerall expenses beeing dischardged I give unto Ellen my wyfe, whoe I make my sole executrix of this my last will and testament and Henrye Stokes and Richard Clarke my overseers, to see that this, my last will bee fullfilled and kepte accordeing to my minde. In witness whereof I have sette my hande the daye and yeare above written, Oliver Dillnett his marke. Redd and delivered in the presents of Henrye Stokes and Richard Clark. ( Note: probated the 8th June 1608 ) He died on 20 May 1608 in Temple Ewell Kent.(529) He was married to Ellyn INNESANT on 9 Jan 1587 in Temple Ewell Kent.(530) Oliver was in fact married twice. His first marriage was on 27th July 1579 at Temple Ewell to a lady whose only name given is Christian. She died circa 1586 so as there were 7 years of marriage it is not unreasonable to assume that there was issue from that union. However Nicholas was baptised 13th Jan 1600 so he is obviously the issue of Oliver's second marriage to Ellyn Innesant which took place at Temple Ewell on January 9th 1587 and she was still living at the time of his death and was in fact the sole executrix of his will ( see Will Note) It is interesting that Oliver is described as " a poor householder " and yet his bequests are fairly substantial for his time.

2833. Ellyn INNESANT died after 1608. She was born Unknown. Children were:

child i. John DYLNAT/DELNET was born about 1580 in Temple Ewell Kent.
child ii. James DYLNAT/DELNET was born about 1580 in Temple Ewell Kent.
child1416 iii. Nicholas DYLNATT.

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